Day 4 - Personal Devotional

Day 4

Pray first/prayer as a lifestyle. How can we make prayer a part of our everyday life?  We can learn from 3 things Jesus did in his life and ministry;

  • A CERTAIN TIME - Jesus got up very early in the morning and prayed.  He communed with the Father.  In order for prayer to work, we may need to form new habits that will then shape new priorities.  Make an appointment with the Lord daily and keep it.

  • A CERTAIN PLACE - Jesus would leave the ‘noise’ of daily life for a while, and go somewhere alone and pray.  It may be in your vehicle during a lunch break, or going to a room in your house, but get alone with the Lord.

  • A CERTAIN PLAN - Go into your prayer time with a plan.  If it changes because of the direction and flow of the Holy Spirit that is fine, but go in with a plan and it will help you pray with purpose.  When Jesus was asked to teach his disciples to pray, he gave them the Lord’s Prayer outline.  That is a plan that leads to purpose.  If this is new to you try this;

  • 5 minutes in worship | 5 minutes in scripture reading | 5 minutes praying.  Robert Morris calls this ’15 minutes that will change your life.’  You can pray for relatives, friends, associates, your work and school, your church etc. 

As you get into the habit of praying, you will find that prayer becomes your natural response, your first response as you face trials, questions, and circumstances in your daily life.

Mitch Rutledge