Day 6 - Personal Devotional

Day 6

In yesterdays passage from Matthew 7:7-11, we talked about asking, seeking and knocking.  The second part of that passage talks about the results of those actions.  Once we are truly asking God for our needs, sharing our burdens and expressing gratitude for answers, we find doors start to open as we pray.  He will answer requests, we will find him, and his door will be open to us.  This is the promise and the only conditions he places on it are that we ask, we seek, and we knock.

Andrew Murray once said, “God means prayer to have an answer.”  Jesus said himself that we can ask anything in his name and it will be answered so that our joy may be complete.

God knows that answered prayers bring joy!  

  • Prayer opened the Red Sea

  • Prayer brought life into Hannah’s dead womb and Samuel was born

  • Prayer brought fire down from heaven onto Elijah’s sacrifice

  • Prayer healed the sick and  raised the dead

Thing we think are impossible, God does and delights to do when we pray. (Dr. David Jeremiah)

When people in relationship to God prayed, the answers came and defied all odds and impossibilities.  When we start to seek God for the joy of discovering him;  when we ask for his presence and not just his presents we will discover a God who delights to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we could ask or imagine.

Mitch Rutledge