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Opportunities for Prayer

Opportunities for Prayer:

  1. Sunday Mornings at our 10:30 am in-person service you can join members of our community at the front left of the Sanctuary after service for personal one-on-one prayer. 
  2. For corporate prayer focuses, you can join us for pre-service prayer before service in THE COMMONS from 9 am to 10 am. 


Connection and Power

Matthew 21:13 Jesus said that his father’s house will be a house of prayer for all people. 

We believe that prayer is effective and must be central to every ministry and decision that we make.  Prayer is what brings his kingdom come, his will be done on earth as it is in heaven.   The kingdom of God manifests and God’s glory is revealed when his people pray.  We know that prayer is both our privilege and responsibility as individual believers.  It is our connection with God as well as what empowers a Spirit-filled life. 

And at Calvary, we want to give as many opportunities for prayer in the life of our church;  opportunities to gather and pray on behalf of others, as well as give an opportunity to stand with you and your need in prayer.  There is power in agreement when we come into agreement with God’s word on behalf of one another.  As Pastor Jay often will say, “It is impossible to pray and something not change.”  Our circumstances shift and sickness is healed when we agree with the promises of God’s word and release them through prayer.

If you have a prayer need you can fill out the request form below or take the opportunity for someone to stand with you in agreement during one of our service ministry times.

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