Calvary’s Staff Team


Jay Black
Senior Pastor

Jay has been the Lead Pastor at Calvary since July 2018. He’s committed to allowing the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit to heal, impact and encounter God’s people.  He is excited to be pastoring a church that values Jesus, the life giving presence of Holy Spirit in our gatherings,  the Word of God, prayer, and community;  but above all he is excited to be among people who always believe, “there is more!”  His focus is on equipping people to do the work of the kingdom in everyday life.
Jay has been married to Jackey since 1992, and they have three children;  Mitchell who is married to Ally and is Pastoring in western Ontario;  their daughter Aidan who is in nursing, and Seth who is still in high school.
Finally, Jay is a committed Toronto Raptors fan, loves watching movies, playing basketball, 80’s music and jazz. His favourite food is yellow marshmallow bananas (if that’s even considered food), and believes coffee should be its own food group.
Little known fact: Jay still can’t listen to the Littlest Hobo theme song without crying a little.


Jackey Black
Kids Ministry Director

Jackey has been leading our kids at Calvary since August of 2018. She loves spending time with our children and enjoys the challenge of channeling their energy into focused learning. She desires to see children grow in knowledge and action, as well as experiencing the Holy Spirit and the role He can play in their everyday lives.
Jackey has been married to Pastor Jay since 1992 and has three fantastic children that have blessed her life. She loves worshipping, singing, crochet, French fries and of course all things chocolate.


Mitchell Rutledge
Youth Pastor

Mitch has been the Youth Pastor at Calvary since September 2018. He’s excited to be a part of a church that wants to go deeper in relationship with Christ. Mitch has always been passionate for the next generation, and seeing them grow into the person God created them to be.
Mitch loves watching movies (especially really bad classics from the 1980s), keeping up with pop culture, and doing media related projects. His favourite sports team is the Pittsburgh Steelers, and will always argue with Jay that Coke is better than Pepsi.


Sarah Rutledge
young adult Pastor

Sarah has been the young adults pastor since September 2018. She thrives on opportunities to  let people know that they are loved by God and that He has an incredible purpose for their lives. Sarah believes strongly in community and creating a safe place to wrestle through the tough questions about faith, God, and life.
Sarah was born with the travel bug, and refuses to get help. Some of her highlights include playing soccer in Brazil, teaching English in Mexico, doing humanitarian work in the Dominican, and touring across our beautiful country of Canada doing motivational presentations. What is Sarah really known for though? Her obnoxious laugh and telling the same joke wrong for the past 6 years.


Lyn Sheridan
Daycare Director

Lyn has been the Pastoral Daycare Director since January 2016.  Lyn is passionate about working with children and families and giving leadership to an amazing daycare staff.  After many years of working in the public sector she is enjoying the freedom of sharing Christ more openly in her work.
Next to her relationship with God, Lyn’s greatest joy has been the privilege of being a mother and now a Nana.  Her children:  Matt and Becka, Mark and Hope and baby Lily, Mackenzie (soon to marry Monique) and Malaya and Nicholas.  Lyn also enjoys reading, travelling, being at home and days out with friends. 


Sherry DePoorter

Sherry started on staff in August of 2008. Sherry always works hard and never lets the details slip past her. While some would argue her greatest gift is her administrative abilities, we say it’s her ability to handle our crazy pastoral staff!


Calvary’s Leadership Team


Calvary Church Board

Vicki Calcutt
Dennis Driedger
Randall Eikelboom
Tyler Enzlin
Mallard Mungal
Rick Rebuck
Ron Skidmore

Missions Committee

todd Boylan
Josiah Fekete
Katherine Fekete
Ashley Flaman
Dan Flaman
Heidi Mungal

Worship Ministries

Jon Fekete
Joel Cowan
Tyler Enzlin

Calvary’s Women’s Connection

Kendra Pilon

Calvary’s Senior’s Ministry

Ernie and Sandra Nunn